Sunday, October 16, 2011

Resurrecting Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner is one of those family traditions that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Remember those days as a kid when you'd go to Grandma's house for a slow-cooked Sunday dinner with the family? The feeling was like a big, warm hug full of love that made you feel loved, important and protected.

We've resurrected Sunday Dinner at our house. This day is reserved for family time at home. With three teenagers, our weeks are pretty busy these days and it's easy to get lost in our own little worlds. Sunday Dinner gives us the protected time and space so important to nourish, center and unite ourselves as a family. It gives us the strength to get through another week.

Our Sunday Dinner menus typically include slow-cooked or indulgent specialties that we might not ordinarily make during the week. One of the kids' favorites is beef tenderloin with bearnaise but grilled ribeye and sweet potato oven fries are a close second. Some nights you just cannot beat roast chicken and veggies but for a great spin on Sunday Dinner, DadNextDoor makes a rockin' Thai red curry with basil.

Tonight MomNextDoor remembers Sundays at Grandma Dorothy's house. Slow-cooked brisket and buttery mashed potatoes will warm our bellies as we gather around the table and find our family's center. This is where we find our strength.