Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gallbladders Are Overrated. Bring on the Onion Rings.

This has been a super sucktastic year to say the least. After totaling my car in the spring, I smashed my face in a cycling accident in the summer and wrapped it up with spending three days in the hospital getting my jacked up gallbladder removed in the fall. Just to really end the year on par, I had more oral reconstructive surgery done last week. Awesome.

Aside from enjoying a shit ton of quality pharmaceuticals, I have achieved precious little gratification lately. Now that my mouth is on the path to feeling better, after four months of fucked up teeth and a big-ass metal bar embedding itself into my gums, I'm ready to start enjoying some dinner.

If you've had your damned gallbladder out, you know how you're cautioned against eating fatty, fried or rich foods for fear of sudden explosive diarrhea and gut wrenching cramps. Since having mine out, I've done a little experimenting and I can tell you that "they" are full of shit and gallbladders are overrated.

Now, can I eat a mega order of greasy hash browns with fried eggs, bacon and gravy-laden biscuits for breakfast? No, not unless I want to spend the next two days in the shitter. But I can have some of each of those things and be just fine. And when I want a burger with onion rings, I can have some of that too and be just fine. The bottom line is folks, you can still enjoy tasty eats without having a gallbladder if you aren't a fucking glutton about it. I reckon everyone is different, some being more sensitive than others, but I certainly can enjoy rich, fatty or even fried foods in careful moderation on occasion without ill effects.

I'm still on holiday until next week and given this week's newfound dental freedom, I think some lunchtime nomming with the kidlets is in order. Stand back folks - we're hitting up Dairy-ette for some burgers and homemade root beer. Bring on the onion rings bitches!