Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Restaurant Week Strikes Again

Much to our dismay, KRLD Restaurant Week is rapidly approaching. We know, we know, "but it's for charity!" Charity or not, eating out during that time frame is a beat down for everyone involved.

So why is it so wildly popular if it's such a pain in the ass? Well, because it's cheap, that's why. If your pocketbook can't normally fund an evening out at a four or five star restaurant, the thought of snagging a $35, three course meal at one of these hot spots sounds pretty sweet. Reservations opened up yesterday & many locals have likely already booked their whole week long tour of the swankiest food diggs in Dallas.

That means that if you plan to visit one of the participating restaurants, you are likely to be packed in and rushed through. The first time we ever decided to give it a shot for charity's sake, we ended up at one of the area's best steak houses, crammed like sardines into the bar before being seated an hour past our reservation time. The waitstaff were horribly overworked, rushing around like tornadoes & sweating like pigs. We ordered our cocktails at the table since we couldn't actually make it up to the bar through all the people and watched as the kitchen cranked out plate after plate of the same prix-fixe food. It was just so uncomfortable that we left without eating and journeyed back over to enjoy steaks in peace in our neck of the woods.

Maybe simply getting a glimpse of "the good life" is worth it to you. If that's the case, then you'd better head on over to OpenTable quickly to book your reservations before they're all taken. The Couple Next Door will be enjoying dinner at home during Restaurant Week, saving our pennies up for another day. We prefer to savor a slow meal, choosing from the whole menu, in a relaxed, unhurried environment. That's what makes dinner joyous for us.

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