Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

Feeding yourself is probably the most basic self care skill. We are constantly in amazement at just how many of our own peers "do not cook" or "don't know how to cook." Well... um, why not?

We've always felt that one of the greatest gifts we could give our kids is to send them off into the world with at least a basic understanding of where ingredients come from, how to acquire them and how to put them together into a decent meal. Since they were tiny we've always sought their input for the weekly meal plan, taken them along to do grocery shopping, involved them in caring for the family garden and kept them active in the kitchen. 

They've been preparing basic things probably since kindergarten, but having the freedom to create independently has inspired them to try new things. One of our teenage boys bakes a much sought after tres leches cake that he has been perfecting for the past couple of years. The other served our family the most beautifully complex tikka masala for dinner last night. 

Help your kids learn to be competent in their own home kitchen. It gives them confidence, it makes them proud and it's important. 

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