Friday, December 2, 2011

Steamin' Hot Dumplings

MomNextDoor is a self-admitted dumpling slut and DadNextDoor would give it all up for the perfect bowl of soup. We were giddy with excitement last week when we enjoyed brunch at Jeng Chi Restaurant in Richardson. This glorious hideaway is the perfect place to indulge both our vices. 

The hot & sour soup was the perfect balance of flavors and the broth wasn't laden with thickener like many Americanized places can tend to serve. Tender tofu and crispy vegetables provided a great texture contrast. The dark broth beef soup was both rich and at the same time refreshing. The chewy, tender beef worked well with the wilted greens and complex broth.

                                                                                       Onion Pancake

The most perfect accompaniment to our soups was the onion pancake. This was our first experience with this amazing treat and we were anticipating something more along the lines of a crepe or tortilla. These wedges of goodness are crispy on the outside and oh so chewy in the inside. Dipped in our hot, salty and spicy broth, the scallion pancake was nearly foodgasmic.

Finally, to finish us off, we doubled up on dumplings. One cannot skip the juicy steamed dumplings. These bundles of goodness have a flavorful pork filling, bathed in salty broth, all embraced by a fluffy steamed dumpling. They are the perfect bite all on their own. The pork and napa dumplings rocked our socks too but they definitely benefited from a generous lather in the ginger vinegar dipping sauce.

                                                                  Juicy Steamed Dumplings

We were stuffed and spent at the end of our Sunday brunch, our wallet only about $25 lighter. We have temperamental tummies which showed no signs of MSG induced crankiness.

This unassuming little family restaurant, tucked away at the back of a shopping center at Greenville & Apollo, is one of our new favorite gems. Can't stop thinking of all those steaming hot morsels ... thinking we'll find ourselves there again this weekend.

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