Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fajita Junkies Indeed *CLOSED*

There is a little hut in the middle of a shopping center parking lot not too far from our house. Ordinarily it wouldn't be someplace we'd bother trying. Somehow the name was just intriguing enough to draw us in - Fajita Junkies. (Updated 11/12/12 - Sadly, Fajita Junkies has closed.)

O.M.G. Tasty good meat was a great surprise. The seasoning on the steak plus the slow-cooked mesquite smokiness rocked, not to mention it's tender awesomeness. We had the steak tacos this time & cant wait to go back for the brisket. We went around 11-ish for an early lunch and the brisket just wasn't quite ready - it hadn't had enough smokey love just yet. The kids also enjoyed the chicken quesadillas.

Pricing includes two toppings, with additional toppings available at a small upcharge. They dished up a really nice salsa which we could only presume was made in house. Wonder if they sell it by the jar??? Not sure if they have corn tortillas or not. We're planning to ask next time since we prefer corn over flour for tacos and fajitas.

Three of us had a nice lunch for about $12 which you just can't beat. The only understandable excuse for choosing either the nearby Taco Bell or Fuzzy's over this place ever is if you happen to be brain dead.

Sign posted stated they were discontinuing breakfast & extending evening hours. We think that's a great thing. Of course, being a little hut and all, there is no seating. Take it home, whip up a pitcher of margaritas and pig out in privacy.

The owner was working the window the day we visited. He's a super nice guy sharing his gift for making addictive fajitas. We're definitely fans of local small business.

Unfortunately we were hungry and the aroma was too much to resist. We inhaled our lunch before we thought to take pictures for you. Ah well, guess we'll just have to go back!

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  1. Update!

    YES, they do have corn tortillas!! Just make sure you ask for them. Quick, sensible lunch for $2.00/person today. Hope to try out more accompaniments when we're hungrier. They're now open late so maybe dinner there soon.