Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dallas Bicycle Cafe

We heard the new Dallas Bicycle Cafe opened this weekend and decided to pay a visit since we were stopping by Dallas Bike Works anyhow and hadn't eaten.

While we can't say we'd likely stop by for dinner, this is a pretty cool little spot for a nice coffee and healthy breakfast, brunch or lunch. For our brunch this time, we each got a Slick Tire capuccino and we shared a chicken quinoa bowl.

This was really the perfect brunch for the two of us. We can't imagine one person eating this whole bowl without exploding. Can't beat 15 bucks either. We can't wait to try the tacos and French press coffee next time. Who knows, we might even decide to sit at the bar for beer and wine and nom on chips, salsa and guac instead.

As a matter of fact, we will probably ride White Rock Lake and park our bikes in the special bike parking out front. There are some really beautiful lockers and whatnot in the back but we don't generally roll like that.

Our only criticisms this visit were that the kitchen was a little too slow and sugar for the coffee was sort of hidden. We figure this was just because it was opening weekend though. If they can manage to pick up the pace it makes our favorites list. It's so refreshing to have a place serving something other than burgers and tacos.

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