Sunday, March 31, 2013

Boys on Bikes - Mom's Top 5

This cycling season is off and running. It's no great secret that I love watching dudes on bikes, but some stand out as most entertaining for one reason or another.

  1. Fabian Cancellara rocks my socks probably more than any other. What a hottie and sweet beyond words. Spartacus is just the yummiest, no comparison.
  2. Tom Boonen is precious but the way he powers over those cobbles in Paris-Roubais is super awesome. I was so disappointed he crashed out of Flanders this year because I was so looking forward to a Cancellara-Boonen top two podium. Get better sweetie-pie!
  3. Philippe Gilbert clearly has the power to be a contender and a bit of an edge that makes him great to watch. Loves me some Phil!
  4. Manuel Quinziato may not get as much camera time as some other guys but he's definitely a tall, dark & handsome drink of water. His rock star reputation is also fun enough to put him on my list. For some reason in my mind he's like a young Big George Hincapie, who isn't on my list only because he retired.
  5. Not only is Jens Voigt a badass on the road, he's an amazing family man. I dig a dude my age who kicks ass that hard & still has so much fun doing it. 
Pedal on boys, I'll be watching!!

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